Thought I would round up some of my projects and make them easier to find.

Short Books/E-Books (free)

Branding You – An older piece that I originally sold on ClickBank for $27. Techniques on gaining views on YouTube. A lot of this is still valid. The concepts have been updated and expanded in my course, Video Money Generator. The course teaches you how to have steady passive income on YouTube by making videos on subjects you are passionate about.

Screenplays/ Stage Plays

Blaze Motors – ScreenPlay (registered with the WGA 2011)

When the Nazi war machine threatens to take over Peter Blazek’s automobile factory in Bialystok, he destroys it. But not before saving those things that are closest to his heart. Blaze Motors tells the story of his family’s flight the Nazi’s in WW2 Poland to the United States and shares details of adventure, love and treachery.

Lot 23 – Screen Play (registered with the WGA 2013)

Brad Minor is on his way to pick up his girlfriend Susan and fly away to a Vegas wedding, but he didn’t count on the catastrophic chain of events that would change his life, and the world, forever.

Lot 23 is a send off of B-Movies. Brad goes from being a normal guy on a night out to battling radioactive zombies and gypsy spells while running into crazed bikers, mutant insects and creatures from another planet. Will he survive? Will his new best friend Cletus save the day?

Fearful Daggers – Stage Musical -  in development

Jeff and Jen are a couple ordinary kids who meet at a local rock and roll concert. Their love seems destined to live forever, until they die unexpectedly.

Fearful Daggers is a rock and roll comedy that combines elements of Grease with Rocky Horror with a dash of Beetlejuice thrown in for good measure.

Books (on Amazon)

Someone Else’s Tomorrow- A Tale of Transformation

Blaze Motors – Some Secrets Won’t Stay Buried

Write Here, Write Now, No Excuses

The Beginner’s Guide to Lucid Dreaming

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