Flowers in the Desert

by admin on September 16, 2012

Very interesting information regarding the flowers in the Mohave Desert in the southwestern United States. Most of us think about the desert as a desolate place saguaro cactus standing ever vigilant guard over tumbling tumbleweeds. Probably you might have a couple iguanas and some jack rabbits also in the picture. If you are from the southwest you probably also know of the javelinas running around, too (and that you should avoid them, as they can be dangerous.)

But you don’t normally think about the flowers because they aren’t a constant. The thing about the desert is that when there is “extra” rain (Extra being a relative term) the desert can erupt in flowers which only last a few days or weeks depending on the amount of rainfall. Every four to eight years there is an exceptional amount of rain (meaning eight or ten inches) which results in an amazing floral display.

After a bit of time goes by the flowers end up dying, but they distribute their seeds which rest in the arid soil until another springtime deluge or an El Nino starts the cycle all over again.

You might wonder why I am talking about flowers and El Niños and the desert. I am getting to that.

If you know me at all you are aware of my two websites regarding transformation and self esteem. When I first read about the desert flowers it hit home for me. It made be realize that we all can be those showers to people in our lives. The showers that make them bloom.

No matter what your confidence level is, it isn’t a flat line… we all have our peaks and valleys; our moments of total 100% confidence and then times when we wrestle with self doubt. That self doubt can be drowned with a slight bit of praise.

I’ll give a personal example. I was a wallflower of sorts (to continue the analogy) in my school days and well into my twenties. I knew I had skills in certain areas. I was personable and had friends. I was good at math and analysis of right brained situations, but I didn’t feel talented in the arts. At one point a friend heard me singing at an audition and told me to “give it up.” I valued their opinion, so I did give it up. I never sang in public again.

Then Deb and I were going to karaoke (our first real date) and I grabbed the microphone and did my best. Talk about nervous. Last time I had sung I was told to give it up, and now I was singing in front of a room of strangers and a woman I wanted to impress (well not impress, but not embarrass myself at least…) and I did well. Well enough that we made karaoke a regular thing and that gave me the guts to audition for a musical stage show. I got cast as the lead. Perhaps I shouldn’t have given up the dream the first time…

But the point is that I got a little bit of rain from Deb and that first night’s audience. Granted karaoke audiences are made of wanna be music stars, and we are a kind group generally speaking, but still a bit of rain (encouragement) brought confidence and I went down that path a bit.

It’s the same with my writing. I’ve gotten some encouragement with my scripts and blogs. But this isn’t really about me. it’s about all of us. The most confident person has areas of their lives that are filled with doubt. The successful business person who would like to develop her painting skills or a grocery clerk who would like to move into management, but lacks a mentor.

Mentors are like that rain I was talking about. Helping people along their way or encouraging people’s efforts as they strive in new directions. We are all mentors and mentees at different points in our lives and ongoing…

I mentor folks when they ask me about online ventures, websites and videos, while I look for mentors to help me with marketing and writing. We all grow together.

There are people around you that you can help with just a few words. Make that effort and let’s get a bloom on…

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