iPad, Kindle, Nook – Ultimate Accessory

by admin on January 27, 2010

Well, Steve Jobs and Apple have finally revealed their version of the e- reader, named The iPad. So clever those lads and lassies at Apple are. But what if they decide to enter the fierce battle of feminine hygiene products? They are going to be stuck for a name then, aren’t they? Suddenly got caught with yer panties down, then don’t cha Steve? Don’t say I didn’t warn you (slightly too late, yeah, that’s true)

So will the flattened large iPhone really compete with the Kindle and the Nook? (we know it won’t compete with the Nook-E.)

The major flaw in the iPad has already come to light and it is (trumpets please, and then a drum roll) dust. Yes, dust is the downfall of the mighty iPad. But Apple-ites, don’t fret. Steve has already started working on a solution, and yes you knew he would. It’s already in prototype and I managed a sneak picture of it….

i Blow

i Blow

yes folks, that’s right (and they got this name dead on. It’s the iBlow and it’s all the brain child of the head honcho at Apple. woo hoo. Hopefully, this app will take off and make some money for them, we know they’re hurting (yeah, right)

Luckily, this app will work on PC’s, macs or any electronic device. Yes, an affordable mapple product. can’t wait to order mine.

Newest item from Apple as covered on CNN Tech

um, this is a joke.. don’t go looking to order from apple, although I may be able to throw a couple together in my basement.

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