The Annoyance

by admin on July 1, 2009

We went out to see a show last night at “The Annoyance” the two acts were Fish Nuts and Chicagoland.

Chicagoland was interesting in that they were mostly women. We just got done hearing in class how male dominated comedy is, and it is, but here we were listening to this female ominated group. They were quite funny. I don’t really know how much of their show was improv, although, if it true to the format of chicago improv, it started out as improv once and then got refined to become a show.

Their show was a series of very loosely connected skits. For the most part I thought it was better than the acts that we saw monday night.

Fish Nuts, I thought, were funnier. They started with a brilliant audience suggestion. Shoe lace repair. Yeah, it was my suggestion. Thank you. Anyway, the show started out with a man getting shoelaces repaired, but his shoes were slip on, so they had to make holes, and modify the shoes first. They split off into connected scenes (sort of like DB does with the ‘remember when’ part of vacation, but they didn’t make a big deal of the change of time and place, just jumped into a scene. For example, they had to operate on the guys bunions, and segued into the shoe lace repair guy delivering a baby. Then right back to the repair shop. They kept returning to that scene which gave the whole thing continuity.

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