Slumdog Millionaire & Return of the Amish Oracle

by admin on June 1, 2009

Last night we finally watched Slumdog Millionaire and I have to say I was not really impressed. Why was this film the darling of the Oscars? I’m not saying I didn’t like it, but it was just OK. On the bright side, I didn’t pay for the rental. Steph and Zack had friends spend the night and one of Steph’s friends rented it. We just glommed on her rental. Hey it was just sitting around the house begging to be viewed again.

When did sleepovers become a part of American teen life? I know when I was a kid the only time there was a sleepover was if we were setting up a tent in the yard and building a fire and making smores and all that good stuff. And that was rare. I mean, I always heard about girls having slumber parties, but that was also not like a regular thing. Now it’s like my kids have someone over, or they are spending the night elsewhere, nearly every weekend. Funny how things change.

Back to Slumdog, I am still trying to figure out the popularity. The story was pretty good. **Spoiler alert** Spoiler alert even though probably everyone else has already seen this movie. I am usually last in line. Who doesn’t want to see someone who in enherently good win in the end? But wait. He wasn’t all that good. Stealing shoes, cheating tourists, in trouble with the law. The most crazy part was when he jumped into the shit and was covered head to toe with crap. I almost gagged. So yeah, coincidentally all the answers on the millionaire show tied right in with his odd life story. So if there would have been one question where he didn’t have a Colt shoved in his face, he might have missed that. The odds are so ridiculous, who could really believe it? And then the police are torturing him to find out how he’s cheating to win the game? Is that really even remotely possible?

I dunno. I’ll just let that go now.

On other fronts, we had a good rehearsal for Dutch Blitzkrieg yesterday. The new show is coming together nicely. You’ll see some old favorites like the Amish Oracle and The Dating Game, but there are also some new games like Four Square and Evil Twin. The show is going to be our best ever. Boy Wonder Productions are also coming back in July to film a documentary about us. Did I already mention that? That’ll all be after the Chicago trip which is going to be awesome.

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