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by admin on March 30, 2009

Such an auspicious title. Hard to live up to that, now, init?

So I won’t even try. We had a great decompression session last sunday (the 22nd) sat and talked for hours about what went right and wrong with the show on saturday night and we came away feeling pretty good. Not necessarily about the show itself, but about where we are going and what we want out of the whole process and how we see it fitting into our life plans. I honestly said that I see this leading to the reality show and from there I am looking for other acting gigs, movies, tv shows etc. There is an odd niche that comedians fit into. Some keep doing standup and comedy specials, others try to transition to movies or whatever.

Last weekend Colin Mochrie was appearing in Lancaster, PA, and I was thinking wow. He’s a pretty big star in improv yet here he is working a relatively small gig in Lancaster. Hmmm.  Not that I wouldn’t want his career. I do want it.

But the point is, understanding what we are all looking for, taking the good with the bad and growing as a performer and as a person. Will this all lead to fame and fortune? I don’t know. It is leading somewhere.

Most currently leading to Chicago where I am going to be studying at the Second City for a week in June. Yes!! It looks like four of us from Dutch Blitzkrieg will be taking that trip together. more on that as it approaches. I am applying for a scholarship to try to help pay for that, (plus donations are accepted lol)

It’ll be about a grand maybe, by the time you factor in food and everything. I have already started to scrimp and save. It will be so worth it. Improv workshop in the morning and writing workshop in the afternoon for me. Sweet.

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