Early Morning – Chicago Hostel Observations

by admin on July 1, 2009

it was a crazy scene at breakfast this morning. Lots of activity busy busy busy. I got down to the cafeteria area on the second floor and a marching band from Ireland had just arrived and semi-took over the place.

They just looked like a typical high school band but with slight variation. There was a bit of an odd look to them. Like I am looking around the room and the little things are making me wonder “what is different here?”

Subtle differences like the haircuts or clothing brands perhaps. Or some of the ‘girls’ looking more like women, but then again, you have that in US high schools as well. mostly speaking Gaelic (I guess) but all the shirts and clothing items are written in English, blue hooded sweatshirts bearing the words “Banna Chluan Meala” and Championship Irish Marching Band or something like that.

Some of them have “Jayhawks” silk jackets. Jayhawks. I would have thought that to be an American term. And it may well be. My eyes were playing tricks on me, and it actually says BlueHawks. OK, maybe that’s an Irish bird. As I sat at my table eating two French women sat down, first politely asking if the seats were free. They began talking in low voices in French. I love listening to foreign language being spoken and listening to the accents as they speak English. Tools I can use. Some of my accents are pretty good, some not so much. The toughest thing for me is holding the accent for an extended period of time.

Heck sometimes even for a few minutes during an improv is tough. Trying to think of interesting, clever or funny stuff, keeping the flow going, and, oh, yeah, that’s right I started out doing a Russian accent, now suddnely I dound more like I am from India. How did that happen?

Oh, yeah, and the wireless access is down this morning. I hate that.

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