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by admin on July 2, 2009

So like I said we went to see Comedy Sportz in Chicago and the shows were pretty good. How can you really complain when it’s free? Although free shit would still be shit. But this wasn’t shit, although we saw someone mime-ing throwing shit. not too funny.

The first act we saw was “District 9″ which set themselves up as like a CIA type thing. Black outfits and sunglasses etc. They were funny. Did their version of good bad and worst answer. They did characters with props for that. wigs, hats, glasses, etc. Somewhat funny. One guy played the lead singer in a heavy metal cover band – Rage against the machine, but they were like Anger Against Devices or something. He was funny, and later did standup.

Next was a group called “we are your density” who were funny (on and off) They did movie in one minute, thirty seconds, 10 seconds and 5 seconds. Schindlers list. It was prety good. The girl typing (Schindler’s secretary?) was funny, and was for some reason speaking in a spanish accent. (Closest thing she had to German, maybe) but still was funny. Did forward rewind on scenes from that movie as well. Then they had open mike for improv and of course I performed, as did members of my class. five us us made it to that show. They also intermixed some stand up comics who weren’t very funny. Sorry but just my opinion, guys.

At one point they had the comedy sports competition thing that they are known for the house act played against The Hot Karl, who I also think is a house act. That show was also fun, but delved into a lot of fart and sex jokes. part of it was simulated sex, both between men and women, and a little of that goes a long way. A lot of that goes straight to crap.

Enough of the night’s review.


yesterday in writing we did an exercise where we deconstructed a fairy tale and then wrote a sequel. Mine was Goldilocks and the sequel was this ten point thing

1. Goldi’s mother Ravenlocks hears about the slaughter of her daughter

2. RL finds a gunsmith and test fires weapons

3. Bazookas were too loud

4. Lasers were too bright

5. chooses a M1A1 rifle with 30 round banana clip and M203 grenade launcher

6. finds cabin and kicks in door like she’s Chuck Norris

7. spray kitchen with all 30 rounds turning mama and baby bear into ground bear meat

8. drop rolls into living room and blast grenade at Papa bear. blows him to smitherines

9. fires up their grill

10. has bear bar b q


assignment now is to break down part of that into a sketch.

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jim July 2, 2009 at 6:25 pm

You didn`t put down you are also a brother you know writer father hubby etc. Thanks for the call that was one of my best parts of my day Have fun see you soon Brother Jim

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