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Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. My name is Rob, and I’ll be your host for the remainder of the flight. I am a writer, actor and comedian and for fun I volunteer as Director of Film Maker Relations for the Charleston International Film Festival. Check out the tab (above) for some of my writing projects and screenplays..

what’s happening?

by admin on September 28, 2014

A quick update on life on James Island..

biggest news (I guess) is that Stella has started traveling. She and Josh (boyfriend) got a 14 week gig in Greenville working the sterile processing department. This is their first foray into that temp/traveling life and we’ll see how that goes. I’ve already encouraged them to extend for another 14 weeks to get past the winter months. (who wants to move in January) Next gig may be somewhere in California, but it remains to be seen, of course. It’s seat of the pants living, but good money and no better time to do it then when you are young and single, right?

In our lives the murder mysteries are coming to a close at the end of October. we have two more shows (both wednesday nights) and then the tourist season and the run of the show is over. I’ll miss going out on the Carolina Queen and seeing Charleston from the water, but it may come back next year. We are considering doing some volunteering at the Midtown theater – it’s only a mile from our house and has a nice staff. Small theater and kind of quirky, so yeah, that sort of fits for us.

In other news, the release party of the new podcast is happening on October 14th at Digg (Park Circle) The first episode of the series will be released on the 15th and on iTunes as well, of course. It was fun recording it. Deb and I are doing a few of the minor character voices and I am one of the writers for season one.. More here.

CJ has finally joined us in Charleston, and is working already – manufacturing job in north charleston. Lots of hours and overtime..

Zack has been made a manager at the Black Bean.. looks like he might move up and be general manager of the James Island location, as they are looking to open a new location. His current GM will likely open that up and he will move on up.

Fun times.

For It’s about Time Travel Agency, the Dunder Chiefs (recently signed to a recording contract) have written our theme song. (to be released and hopefully played at the release party. In the meantime, here’s a video of another of their songs…

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Free, but only for a couple days

September 23, 2014

So, my latest book, Lot 23 a zombie romantic comedy -ZOMROMCOM – is going to be available for free download starting tomorrow, September 24th. Spread the word and don’t hesitate to share. If you leave a review on Amazon, let me know and there’s some tasty freebies in store for you. Gracias…       [...]

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July 26, 2014

Just saw John Hiatt last night at the North Charleston Coliseum. Not that that has anything to do with with my long Hiatus from writing in this blog, but it’s a word play thing. Had technical difficulties with the blog, the white screen of death that apparently sometimes befalls wordpress themed blogs. weird. couldn’t post, [...]

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Fanning the Fire

March 19, 2014

As anyone who has been camping knows, a fire burns brighter when you give it more oxygen. Most people do that by fanning the fire or blowing on it. It’s simple rules of physics. You need three things to start a fire or to keep one going, fuel, spark and oxygen. Take away one of [...]

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Ten Year Anniversary

February 2, 2014

Seems like only yesterday we were freezing our asses off in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania where Phil had not seen his shadow and the world had seen a glimpse of Janet Jackson’s right nipple. (that’s the nicer of the two.) Amazingly enough the nip only made an appearance for 9/16th of a second but the slow motion [...]

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New Year and Saving Money.

December 28, 2013

The new year is coming up and although I don’t do new years resolutions I ran across this money saving plan. The plan seems pretty do-able. How to save money on a weekly basis. Let me know what you think. Image from http://savingabuck.com

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Lot 23 – Progress Report

November 17, 2013

Notes from the desk of Dr. Rem: Lot 22 has shown a lot of promise. I truly believed that the radioactive isotopes combined with the latest chemical concoction would do the trick. It was very close. There were signs of brain activity in the reticular activation system that migrated through the cerebellum and into the [...]

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Staying on Track

October 29, 2013

The only way I can manage to stay on track is to announce goals every month. I’ve talked a bit about this – my “New Month’s Resolution” plan. Part of that plan has been releasing a new book on Amazon every thirty days. I’m not sure how long I can keep this up, but if [...]

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Job at Carpenter…

October 15, 2013

So this is kind of funny. I got an invitation to connect on LinkedIn from an old colleague at Carpenter Technology. He has moved on and is in real estate and I’m always happy to connect with old friends and colleagues. You never know when a connection might enhance your life in some way, or [...]

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Pursuing Passion

September 25, 2013

September has been a fantastic month for me. Normally I do my “New Month’s Resolution”(R) to plan out my goals for the month, but I was so busy getting things done that I didn’t make a resolution.   A quick recount. Three books completed and up for sale through Amazon’s KDP (Kindle) program. Blaze Motors [...]

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