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Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. My name is Rob, and I’ll be your host for the remainder of the flight. I am a writer, actor and comedian and for fun I volunteer as Director of Film Maker Relations for the Charleston International Film Festival. Check out the tab (above) for some of my writing projects and screenplays..

The Sandwich Generation

by admin on March 3, 2015

It’s a baton that is handed down generation to generation. Sooner or later you are likely going to be part of the sandwich. Not the bread… oh, no. And not necessarily meat either.

There are all kinds of things that go in between those slices of Wonder.

But at some point, if you have children, or a child, chances are you will be here sooner or later. You get to that point where you are concerned about your children, grown up and out of the house. How are they doing? Are they happy? Do they have enough income to cover food, rent and the basics? Do they have a little extra? Are they having fun? Do they have (or want) a significant other? “Are they happy” is the biggest one for me.

You can’t buy them happiness and you also can’t become a crutch for money. They have to grow up and you have to let them make their own mistakes and learn their own lessons. It’s tough. It’s tough not to step in. It’s tough when you aren’t in a place at a given moment that you can slip them a hundred bucks (or whatever) to make their life easier.

But on the other slice of bread, when do you start to worry about your parents? or parent? At 20 years old you don’t give them much thought. They are there. They ‘always’ will be.

Rob and MomWeeks and months, maybe sometimes years, go by without seeing them, but then there they are. But after a while they (and eventually we) start to age and then maybe become less capable. And then what? How do you question whether Mom is capable? Stepping in; making decisions? tough.

I’m at that stage. WE are at that stage. Six brothers and sisters with an aging mother and adult children just getting established.

I stopped in to see Mom again this weekend. She’s getting around. Slowly. But she can take care of herself… or can she? I would hate someone making decisions for me. Deciding I can’t take care of myself. Then money comes up on this edge of life as well. Is there a home in her future? Assisted living?

No doubt about it, but when? Very soon or in another year? but a year will come and go quickly. In the meantime I’ll see her as much as possible and try to figure out when is the right time. She’s 86 now..  We hint around it now, and she knows it’s coming.

Part of the chores I took care of while there  – did her dishes (a huge pile – she was almost out of silverware – using plastic plates and forks)

Went grocery shopping. It is tough shopping for someone if you don’t really know their preferences. Milk… okay, do you like whole, 2%, 1% fat free??

Her list for the store: (what’s bold is what was on the actual list.

Green tea – small containers – she can’t lift a gallon easily anymore.. lord, there’s a million brands.

Coke Zero. thank goodness. a name brand.. wait. cans, 2 liter, small bottles.

Root beer. see above, but add ‘what brand’

Puffs tissues

Chocolates (this is also written there – buy one get one free whitman’s (little boxes) ) right, okay.. she got a big box. no bogo

milk, j, frozen cooked meatballs. (This is all one line. what is the thought process, I wonder. Also I wonder what is ‘j’? I guessed OJ. That wasn’t right. J was supposed to be grapefruit juice maybe…. )

Bacon – pre-cooked. I get this one easily enough.

Min. Steaks, onions (a couple) well I got one big onion..

Sm. soft rolls. I did my best here.

Small cans of fruit cocktail. didn’t see cans. got a couple varieties.

Small cans veggies – Bush’s Baked Beans. She’s a republican, I think she might think George owns this beanery.

Jar Peanuts. umm, okay went with Planter’s lightly salted.

Small bottles screw on caps, beer. Wait what? She thinks this might be nice to have a beer at night. help with the aches of falling this past weekend. That’s a whole nother story – second fall in a week or two. she’s better now. )

So there’s a lot of types of beer. no beer comes in small bottles with screw on lids.

Case of bottled water (small bottles) (12 oz. maybe) okay.

Dryer sheets

cough medicine. (on second thought she says never mind. her cough is gone)

prescription at Target.

Plus whatever else I think she might like. (there’s a whole can of worms.) I got her some protein bars and a couple bananas.

I’ll do anything I can to help Mom. I’m not complaining just sharing. Glad to have her around. Every day above ground is a good day.




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January 15, 2015

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September 23, 2014

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July 26, 2014

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December 28, 2013

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